Welcome to NK Handcrafted, where craftsmanship meets passion in the art of woodworking!

I'm Nick Kaminski.  My journey with woodworking has been a lifelong odyssey fueled by a genuine love for the craft. From my early days as a young apprentice, tinkering alongside my grandfather with his cherished Stanley hand tools, to collaborating with my father on household projects during my teenage years (complete with the occasional neighborhood skateboard ramp), my affinity for woodwork has been a constant thread weaving through my life.

While attending Architecture school in college, I further honed my skills working with a construction company, mastering the intricate balance between process, ethics, and the judicious use of both power and hand tools. 

The present finds me crafting out of necessity for my family and delighting in creating gifts for friends and loved ones. Woodworking has become my artistic sanctuary, a calling that feeds my creative soul.

As my knowledge expands and my workspace to store my projects shrinks, I felt compelled to share my creations with a broader audience. In the words of Howard Roarke from Ayn Rand's "The Fountainhead," "I don't build in order to have clients. I have clients in order to build!" This sentiment encapsulates my approach – a genuine desire to create pieces of fine woodworking for others to cherish.

Detail is my obsession; perfection is my standard. Whether it's a small project, a significant piece, or something in between, each creation receives unwavering attention. Wood selection, grain patterns, joinery techniques, color combinations, proportions, build processes, and finishes harmonize in what I like to call a "wood symphony." 

My commitment is such that every project leaving my workshop is a piece I would proudly give to my own children.

As a one-man show, I emphasize the uniqueness of each piece. Nothing is mass-produced; everything is handmade with meticulous care.  Although occasionally I may produce multiples of a design, the quality and craftsmanship remain unparalleled.  From the moment I select boards at the mill to the final shipment, each piece is treated individually.

My work method seamlessly blends traditional Western and Japanese hand tools with modern and vintage power tools. I revel in the tactile satisfaction of hand tools – the sharp plane shaving a board, the marking gauge delicately cutting wood fibers, or the Dozuki saw effortlessly slicing through the grain. Handcrafting extends beyond mere functionality; it's an immersive experience that infuses character into each creation.

For those seeking a personalized touch, I gladly accept custom orders. If you have a vision or desire a bespoke creation, reach out to explore the possibilities. Utilizing 3D visualization CAD software, I ensure clients can envision their finished piece before it takes shape in my workshop.

Thank you for taking the time to visit NK Handcrafted and read my backstory. Each piece is not just a product but a labor of love and dedication. I invite you to explore and appreciate the artistry that goes into every creation.

Warm regards

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